Provide Shipping Notification to End User on Deployment

Andy Moderator, Oomnitza Team mod

User's hate the dark, so why keep them in it? Your new hire is anxious to get going. Sending them the tracking information for their equipment is a great way to show you care. This workflow focuses on providing a great user experience to your new hired employees by leveraging the power of the Begin block and a couple of simple workflow blocks. It can also be easily extended to show the love to employees receiving equipment refresh, additional equipment, or break fix deployments.

How Does It Work?

The Begin block fires upon a change to the status of any asset. As we are only interested in doing something with assets that have been deployed, we'll filter to select only those records that had a status change to deployed. We'll filter a little further to make sure we're only processing records where tracking information has been provided.

From there, it is a fairly straight-forward matter to select the tracking information, the user's email and alternate email address (they might not have started or have an account just yet), and send an email notification to the user and their manager (if available).

For any actions that fail, we use a Notification block to alert the desktop team for investigation and possible remediation.

The systems/services being acted upon

  • Oomnitza (Enterprise Technology Management)
  • Email

Credentials required & how/where to obtain

  • Oomnitza API
  • Zendesk API

Additional Oomnitza field required/recommended

  • Asset:Tracking Number
  • Asset:Assigned To
  • People:Alternate Email
  • People:Manager Email

Blocks and Configuration

  • Begin
    • Trigger on Asset Edit
    • Select assets where the status field has been changed to 'deployed' AND the 'FedEx Tracking Number' field is not null
  • API
    • Fetches the alternate email and manager email associated with the user assigned to this asset and stores them in two temporary variables for blocks in the workflow to use later
  • Update
    • Sets the field Shipped to Checked
  • Notification
    • Sends notification email to user at there work address (assigned to), home address (alternate email), and to the user's manager (manager email)
  • End


    End User and Manager are notified of equipment deployment and provided tracking information. Oomnitza is updated to reflect that the notification has been provided to the end user. Clouds part. Sun shines. Birds Sing. All is right with the world.


    Tracking information for the shipment has been updated in the asset record and accurately reflects the current deployment package.


    By evaluating various fields for the asset, or even creating additional fields, email notifications can be provided to users for break fix shipment, hardware refresh, or requests for general equipment such as additional monitors, docking stations, keyboards, laptop bags, etc.

    Troubleshooting/Error Codes?