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Welcome to Oomnitza's Customer Community. We're excited to have you on board! In this post, I'll be giving you a tour of Oomnitza's Community.


At Oomnitza, we believe that information is among the most powerful tools one can have in their toolbox. While our software facilitates that by aggregating data from siloed systems, we believe that there is an opportunity to facilitate sharing information between organizations about managing their enterprise technology.

That's where Oomnitza Community comes in!

We want to give IT professionals the opportunity to share their Oomnitza learnings, best practices, and technology management needs with one another, both to enrich everyone's Oomnitza experience, but also to provide Oomnitza with feedback and insights to help us provide the most powerful tool possible to our users.


The Oomnitza Community is separated into the following categories to facilitate questions and discussion. These categories may change over time, but the current list is as follows:


This Category will be used for News and Announcements from Oomnitza, including Company News, Events, and Releases.

General Discussion

General Discussion is for broad conversation of all enterprise technology management topics, including general Oomnitza usage, IT discussion, software discussion, and anything else that doesn't fit neatly into another category.

Best Practices

A place to share your Oomnitza best practices, or ask for suggestions on how to best complete various tasks in Oomnitza.

Oomnitza Questions

A place for general questions regarding Oomnitza. Any "how do I do X" or "can I do Y" should go here.

Feature Requests

Here's where you can share your feature ideas with Oomnitza's team, and vote on suggestions made by other Oomnitza users. This allows our product team to gauge interest and provide the best experience possible while building capabilities that benefit as many users as possible.

IT News

Here's where you can share and discuss important happenings in the IT world.


These are the meat of the community, where you can post and talk to others. Posts in the Oomnitza community come in three flavors:

Discussions: Discussions are the standard type of post in the Oomnitza Community. These can be used for any kind of discussion that doesn't fall into the below categories.

Questions: Questions allow for community members to ask questions and for others to answer them. When a satisfactory answer has been given, the asker will be able to identify it as such.

Ideas: Ideas are unique to the Oomnitza Community's Feature Request category. Ideas are similar to discussions, however, the ranking and votes are treated somewhat differently to better track ideas and requests.

Creating a Post

To create a post in the Oomnitza community, click on the "New Post" button on any of the Community pages, and select the type of post you wish to create (Discussion or Question).

Community Guidelines

First and foremost, be kind, respectful, and professional when posting in the Oomnitza Community. Please read our Community Guidelines for more specific details on what will and will not be tolerated. If you see a post that you believe violates these roles, please report it or alert a moderator.

Direct Oomnitza Support

There may be times when Oomnitza's moderation team feels a topic will be better addressed by Oomnitza's support team. In situations like this, one of our moderators will reach out to you, or you may hear directly from [email protected]

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