Remind Manager of New Hire Start Date

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In an environment that is largely remote, managers may lose track of the start date of a new employee. This will remind the manager to check in and welcome a new employee.

The systems/services being acted upon

  • Slack
  • Oomnitza/Email

Credentials required & how/where to obtain

  • Slack API

Additional Oomnitza field required/recommended


Blocks required and suggested

  • Begin
  • Slack API
  • Notification
  • End

Commands and calls

  • Begin
    • Hire date = This week
    • The manager is NOT empty
    • Status = Onboarding
    • User Type = Employee
  • Slack API
    • Post a reminder to Slack
  • Notification
    • Email a reminder to the manager too


As part of successful onboarding, it is critical that the employee feels connected and welcomed, especially by their manager and team. With many things going on, it is easy to lose track of time and forget a new employee is starting until their first day. This will help limit that issue.



Troubleshooting/Error Codes?