HR Notification to Schedule Post-Onboarding Meeting

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To streamline and verify that HR connects and follows up with new employees a reminder is sent 60-day post-hire date.

The systems/services being acted upon

  • Oomnitza

Credentials required & how/where to obtain


Additional Oomnitza field required/recommended

  • Check-in Complete
  • New Employee Check-In Complete (field)

Blocks required and suggested

  • Begin
  • Notification
  • Update
  • End

Commands and calls

  • Begin
    • Check-in Complete = NO
    • User Type = Employee
    • Hire Date Days Forward = 60
    • Status = Active
  • Notification
  • Notification message example
  • Update
    • Update New Employee Check-In Complete = YES
  • End


HR will receive a message 60-days after the employee’s hire date to schedule a meeting and follow-up for their onboarding and process to get connected to the company.


The workflow should be scheduled to run daily as the date fields will only work for the EXACT day that is 60-days post-hire-date

Troubleshooting/Error Codes?