Validate Offboarding Inventory Privately

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Due to the sensitive nature of offboarding, before any actions are taken or notifications are made on the accounts or user, a ticket is created to allow IT to check, review and discuss with HR.

The systems/services being acted upon

  • Zendesk
  • Oomnitza

Credentials required & how/where to obtain

  • Zendesk API

Additional Oomnitza field required/recommended

  • None

Blocks required and suggested

  • Begin
  • Oomnitza API
  • Oomnitza API
  • Zendesk API
  • End

Commands and calls

  • Begin
    • The termination date is NOT Empty
    • Status = Offboarding
  • Oomnitza API
    • Check Oomnitza for active and deployed assets
    • Responses are captured in Workflow Variables
  • Zendesk API
    • A Zendesk ticket is created for Offboarding
  • End
    • Ticket ID Captured in the Response
  • Oomnitza API
    • Check Oomnitza for SaaS accounts registered in the system
    • The workflow variable for SaaS is generated


When an employee enters the offboarding state, the workflow pulls active assets and SaaS information and generates a Zendesk ticked that can be reviewed and discussed between HR and IT as well as consolidated the necessary IT hardware and software information to be acting on.


At this time, SaaS cannot generate a list of systems, just the first. We are looking at options that could provide a list of SaaS systems in the ticket.

Troubleshooting/Error Codes?