Miss your favorite left-hand-search hacks? They're coming back!

paragbaxi Member, Administrator, Moderator, Oomnitza Team admin

I'm a sucker for life hacks that save time, especially when it comes to food. When I learned to repurpose my pizza cutter to cut green onions, my days of plain omelets were over.

We recently overhauled our left-hand-search (lhs) to be leaner, faster, and simpler. Turns out (thanks to your passionate feedback!), that we took away too much. Props to you for letting us know.

We are hard at work to bring them back, and all on top of our super-fast lhs. These hacks will be back in our next release.

Have a long list of values? Paste them!

When you paste values that are comma or line-break delimited, the values are automatically inputted separately. Don't worry about dupes, we'll clean them for you. 😁

Clear all values of a field with one click

No more removing a field and adding it back just to avoid clearing all its values. While clever, there's now an easier way: one simple click on the X clears the entire field.

Search results wait for you to build your search

We admit, that our obsession with performance isn't always what's best–like when we search a bit too impulsively. Now, search results will wait until you click outside of the search pane. Enjoy a more relaxing search to get the results you want.

Need to edit a value? Double-click!

Boom, just what you'd expect.

Enjoy your lhs all over again... and come back to let us know what you think!

Our sincere thank you to each of you that let us know what you love about Oomnitza. We are bringing back the pizza cutter in our next release. Get ready to crack some eggs!