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Sam Peirce
Sam Peirce Administrator admin

Welcome, and thank you for joining the Oomnitza Community! We’re thrilled To kick things off, we want to get to know you better! Everyone’s invited to share about themselves in our Introductions section. We’d love to hear about you. 

To help kick things off, here’s a template for sharing:

My Name is ______________

I work in ______________

I'm here for ______________

My favorite thing about Oomnitza is ______________


  • ploh
    ploh Member

    Greetings all. I'll kick it off.

    My name is Peter and I work in the transportation/tech industry. I'm here to learn more about using Oomnitza and sharing what little I know with others who I might be able to help out. Being able to utilize Oomnitza's integrations and creating custom workflows are my favorite things about Oomnitza. For Halloween my costume will be a cereal killer. Feel free to use your imagination! 🥣🔪

  • Hello Everyone!

    My Name is Tylunda, but feel free to call me Ty. I work with the District of Columbia Government and I am here to learn from others. I am also happy to share the lessons I have learned. My favorite thing about Oomnitza is their customer support. It is by far the best I have encountered.

  • Sam Peirce
    Sam Peirce Administrator admin

    Welcome @ploh and @Tygreene1, thanks for kicking things off!

    I'm sure a lot of you have met me, but I'm Sam, and I manage Oomnitza's support team. I'm here to help share Oomnitza learnings and best practices and to make sure everyone has an excellent experience with Oomnitza. My favorite things about Oomnitza are our awesome team, our awesome customers, and our flexibility to do so many different things with our workflow engine and API

  • Welcome to the community, @Tygreene1, it's so great to see you here!

    For those of you who don't know me, my name is Natalie and I'm a Customer Success Manager at Oomnitza. I'm here to help you all get the most value from Oomnitza and, similar to Sam, make sure you're having a great experience along the way! My favorite thing about Oomnitza is coming up with new and creative workflows to help automate traditionally manual processes.

  • My name is Matthew Lang - I work at Stand Together Chamber of Commerce. We're part of a community of non profits that work on a variety of issues areas (Criminal Justice Reform, Health Care, and Free Speech, among others).

    I'm the primary admin for our Oomnitza instance, and have been involved since we stood it up at the beginning of 2020. My favorite thing is probably the options for reporting in workflows. Really eliminates a lot of repetitive tasks for me.

  • ahammond
    ahammond Member

    My name is Allen Hammond, I work in Local Government (City of Pleasanton), I'm here for all the great ideas and how others are implementing this great solution. I hope we can share some as well!

    My favorite thing(s) - I'm going to cheat and share more than one - about Oomniza is:

    • of course, the name!
    • Our great customer success manager, Natalie! I have never felt like we were sold a solution and abandoned
    • Ingtegrations - so many, and so little time
    • Workflows - the real power behind a successful and automated ITAM
    • the rapid maturation rate of the platform. If it does not do something today, it will tomorrow.
  • Maulik
    Maulik Member
    edited April 11

    Hello Everyone, My Name is Maulik Patel I am from India. 

    I have had a great opportunity to use Oomnitza's ITAM module. It has never happened that I have not got support from Oomnitza. All the credit for this goes to our company's CSM, His name is Carl Parisi . Regarding Portal features, I love the workflow and custom search in the ITAM module.

  • daniellecox
    daniellecox Member


    My Name is Danielle

    I work in IT

    I'm here for community discussions

    My favorite thing about Oomnitza is organized asset management

  • scottadamson
    scottadamson Member, Administrator, Moderator, Oomnitza Team admin

    Good day

    My name is Scott Adamson

    I'm the IT Manager at Oomnitza (I handle the internal Oomnitza support, systems, and provisioning). Since I started about 7 months ago I have been working to "drink our own champagne" and leverage Oomnitza for onboarding, offboarding, generating tickets and notifications, and streamlining my daily admin tasks.

    I enjoy learning new things and I have had an amazing opportunity to work with great people here at Oomnitza that encourage me to grow, learn and value my contributions to our product.

    Prior to working for Oomnitza, I was an IT Director for a K-12 School and a client of Oomnitza - so happy to be on this side of the world and helping provide access and value to our Oomnitza community!