Oomnitza's Fall 2021 Release is Coming Soon!

Oomnitza's Fall 2021 Release will be coming out within the next month! Here are some details so you can plan out how you'll use our new features. Please also check out our complete Release Notes  for a more detailed list of changes.

Oomnitza's Fall 2021 Release focuses on Advanced SaaS Management, and provides an array of features and enhancements that expand Oomnitza’s ability to manage SaaS Softwares and Contracts. A few highlights include:

  • Various updates to SaaS Management, including enhanced enterprise contracts, budget and actual reporting, and improved SaaS integration processing
  • Numerous enhancements to Oomnitza's workflow engine, including a new user interface to support more complex workflows.
  • The addition of complex triggers for workflows, and the ability to run workflows as UI actions.
  • Enhancements to configuration and usability to make Oomnitza even more flexible.