Submitting Feature Ideas

Sam Peirce
Sam Peirce Administrator admin

In the Feature Requests category of Oomnitza's Community, users are invited to post their requests and suggestions to help improve Oomnitza's software. These can be new Connectors, new API presets, new features, enhancements, or anything else you can think of to make Oomnitza a more powerful and flexible tool.

When you submit a request, it will be reviewed and logged by our moderation team and captured within our internal ticketing system where our product team will review it. We may also ask clarifying questions to help ensure that we're capturing the request correctly and conveying the correct information to our team.

In addition to adding new ideas, You will also be able to support other ideas that are added to the feature request category, and others will be able to support your ideas. This will help us keep track about which requests are most requested to help with prioritization.

While we cannot guarantee that every idea submitted will eventually be added to Oomnitza, having information into what is most important will help us build a better platform, faster.

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